Sheila Taylor Lowe – Class of 1967

Most people manage to succeed in one vocation, but Anaheim High Class of 1967 graduate Sheila Taylor Lowe has made her mark in three major career fields.

Along with her profession as a court-qualified forensic handwriting expert, Lowe is also a multi-published author. Her award-winning mystery fiction series features a female protagonist who, not so coincidently, is a handwriting examiner. With a master’s degree in psychology, Lowe is also approved by the state to provide continuing education to marriage and family therapists.

As a forensic handwriting examiner with 40 years of experience, Lowe provides court testimony in cases of forgery. She explains her craft: “Beginning in the brain, the writing impulse travels through the nerves, into the hand holding the writing instrument, and flows out through the ink trail left on paper. Handwriting is an accumulation of thousands of visual and auditory experiences and can reveal how you have integrated all that you have seen and heard throughout your lifetime.”

Her full-time forensic handwriting practice includes a wide spectrum of corporate clients, mental health professionals, attorneys, private investigators and staffing agencies, among others. She also analyzes handwriting for individuals, helping them understand themselves and others better.

Her examinations of celebrity handwritings have appeared in Time, Teen People, and Mademoiselle, and her articles on personality profiling and handwriting analysis have been published in several bar association magazines. She’s also the author of Handwriting of the Famous & Infamous and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Handwriting Analysis.

But one of her most notable accomplishments as an author is her four-book mystery series inspired by actual cases she’s become involved in as a handwriting expert. Like the author, the book’s protagonist, Claudia Rose, is a handwriting expert. The fourth installment in her mystery series, Last Writes, was published in 2010 by Penguin. She’s now working on a new stand-alone thriller Lying…In Bed. For information on her book series, visit


The youngest of the Chance family, Gary, a ‘67 grad, enjoyed academics, especially math and history, and also excelled in woodshop classes. In fact, he went on to teach woodshop for 29 years at Antelope Valley High School, then spent nearly another decade teaching wood shop at a continuation school and a high school independent study program. His mother, brother and two sisters also graduated from Anaheim High.